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Earn BTC with your own PC / laptop!


TeaSpeak Team
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Hi guys,

Since I am often asked how I can get my BTC without paying a cent, here's a little tip.
It brings me (i9-10900k / iMac, i9-9900k / MacBook and i9-10980XE / Gaming PC and iPhone 11 Pro Max) around 2-6 € a day depending on how often I use the browser.

Here the browser, of course, you won't get rich from it, but by the way it is a small income for example. to support the project here or to pay for small projects of your own.

Of course you also need your own BTC wallet here ;-)

and YES they pay off!

I only paid 0.11 € (I was online for 3 days with my mobile phone in my browser!)