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Pending Error in sql command "delete 'tokens'"


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I have a problem with the server. In the server logs he gaves me a warning on delete the tokens:
"[WARNING ] GLOBAL | Failed to execute SQL command DELETE FROM `tokens` WHERE `serverId` = :sid: sql: DELETE FRIN `tokens` WHERE `serverId` = :sid: returned -> 1/no such column: serverId"

I looked into the sqlite database and find the problem. The problem is the sql command will the delete entries in the serverId column but the column name is server_id.

I think the command to execute is written false.

For more Informations please look below:

Server OS: Debian 10 (buster) amd64 (x86_64)
TS Server Version: 1.5.6 Beta 2

Here are screenshots from what i exactly mean.