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[How To] Crypto Mining with VPS, Root or Cloud


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Hello people today I would like to show you a little tutorial which allows you to use the crypto currency Monero (XMR) with your server. Of course, it also works with other cryptocurrencies, but you first have to find the right pools and allow you to work with a CPU miner.

First of all we need a server and a Monero wallet. the Monero wallet can be downloaded here: https://www.getmonero.org/downloads/ as a vps I rented a small € 1 vps.

After we have received the access data by email, we install Htop with the following command to check how many threads are available to us (at least 2 threads are required). if screen and nano are not yet installed, we will install them at the same time.

apt install htop screen nano
now we check via Htop how many treads are available to us.


with the F10 key we exit htop again.

now we download the CPU miner to do this we visit the following page and download the following file SRBMiner-Multi-0-7-3-Linux.tar.xz the file can be easily opened and unpacked with Winrar. We load the SRBMiner-Multi-0-7-3 folder onto our server and recursively set the folder and file rights to 755.

After we have uploaded the folder and set the recursive file rights, we open the directory to edit the start-mining-monero.sh.

cd /root/SRBMiner-Multi-0-7-3
now we open the start-mining-monero.sh with any editor, in my case with nano.

As you can see I have given my wallet address, miningpool and the function --cpu-threads so that only 2 of 4 possible threads are used. Why? Quite simply, a lot of hosts do not allow their cpus to be used to 100%.

Miningpool adresses for XMR CPU miners
Central Europe (Germany ): monero.herominers.com:10191
North Europe (Finland ): fi.monero.herominers.com:10191
North America (Canada ): ca.monero.herominers.com:10191
Asia (HongKong ): hk.monero.herominers.com:10191
SouthEast Asia (Singapore ): sg.monero.herominers.com:10191
screen ./SRBMiner-MULTI --disable-gpu --algorithm randomx --pool monero.herominers.com:10190 --wallet 43a6HB88wB9UmCJBi3TkQTKEdowVrVacRL2q4gK41Dk5QXBXXuVLX6jcFBULSSbrgTdJQSsdUEr4HCZm4e9FF7GE2qDA5a6 --cpu-threads 2
Now we save with CTRL + X and are ready to start the CPU miner.


Now to check whether our miner is working we visit the following page https://monero.herominers.com and enter our wallet address in Your Stats & Payment History and then get user statistics displayed when the miner is working.
for me it looks a bit more advanced because my mining farm is a bit bigger.

Happy Mining​


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