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Server Important Tools, Utils and Downloads


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I decided to organize some of the most used Tools, Utils and Downloads
in my website, so all forum users can easily access to it without needing to search the entire forum.

-TeaSpeak & Tea*Speak License Viewer (unsupported)
-TeaSpeak License - Free Limited Time 32 Slots (unsupported)
-Tea*Speak to TeaSpeak Snapshot converter
-Tea*Speak Clients Downloads (unsupported)
-TeaSpeak Clients (Downloads)
-TeaSpeak Server (Downloads)
-yatqa versions (Downloads)
-TeaSpeak Changelogs
-Ip / Domain Blacklist Check
-Date / Time to Timestamp converter
-Timestamp to Date / Time converter

*I will update it with useful things everytime it is needed ;)

Link: https://tools.cyberlimbo.com/
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-TeaSpeak License (Free Limited Time 32 Slots)

Begin : Tue Jan 1 01:00:00 2019 (b488680)
End : Fri Jan 31 01:00:00 2020 (d514700)

soon expired no ?

Add new license :)