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Make money while you using your Computer


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We'll be using a traffic bot to drive traffic to our link. We'll be using AdFoc.us

- Sign up at http://adfoc.us/?refid=491828 (Referral link)
- Download Traffic Spirit http://www.ipts.com/ (The traffic bot that we'll be using)
- Extract the ZIP file and open ipts.exe NOT THE iptstest.exe
- Shrink any link with the AdFoc.us link shortener
- Open Traffic Spirit and click add site
- Set the daily traffic to 10,000
- Paste your adfocus link into the My Site box
- Press show more settings
- Press on traffic source
- Press on enable and put http://www.youtube.com with 99% of the traffic
- Then press on the match click
- You add your not shortened link and you set it at 5%
- Try to have the same settings:

- Press on Traffic Region
- Change to the highest payout rates.
- Press OK
- Press OK again

- The bot shall do its magic

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tested its working

vvcap 2019-09-06-09-36-30.png

in few days


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Can you provide some screenshots about the settings?
The steps by steps are a little bit confused.

Do i need to enable the "not shortened" link?


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pw: 123456


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status update 8 days later

vvcap 2019-09-16-10-44-05.png
if I do not mistake then it is possible to generate 10 $ and more a month without much effort