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Information Premium License

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Dear user,

If you're amazed with TeaSpeak and want to support us, you can upgrade your membership to a premium membership.
The following informations may be interesting for you.

Your benefits as premium user:
  • you support TeaSpeak Project :heart:
  • One TeaSpeak licence = One TeaSpeak server ip
  • One TeaSpeak licence = One person
  • The TeaSpeak configuration is completely editable
  • Unlimited teaspeak server music bots (by default you only have one per server)
  • Special support subsection within the forum
  • Ability to search thru forum private messages
  • Special chat room within the forum chatbox
  • Selectable color within the forum chatbox
  • Fancy yellow forum banner

If you want to support us, please follow these steps:
  • Go to "Account upgrades"
  • Purchase the TeaSpeak Premium membership
  • Generate your premium license here

We are happy about everyone who supports us financially :)


Do not use your license in more than 1 server ip!
If you do it, the license will be cancelled and you'll have to buy a new one again.
If you try to crack, resell, duplicate or share your license with others, we will consider this action as license abuse.

Kind regards
Dominik Enders
Not open for further replies.