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Server Support by Voice4You



As some of you know, I run my own hosting company and therefore have the necessary experience.
However, since things are not going very well at the moment, due to a lack of customers, I am trying to improve my salary a little in this way.

Anyone who may complain that the text is copied and duplicated ... Welcome to the world of public releases ....

What exactly am I offering?

Server installation

  • Installation of every OS that your hoster has as IMG (some hosters want you to install the OS yourself via remoteConsole!)
  • Configuration of the freshly installed OS (installation of kernels, important system programs, etc.)
  • Protection against attacks (setting the firewall, securing the FTP / SFTP and SSH)
  • More on request!
Price: 10 € / hour

Website installation

  • Installation of websites of almost any kind (exceptions are forums)
  • Setting the site
  • Etc.

Price: 5 € / hour Server


  • Server maintenance (software!)
  • Planned updates / upgrades
  • Available 24/7 for software failures!
  • Permanent monitoring of the server (s)
  • Etc...

Price: € 350 / month
Payable: BTC / Prepayment / Paypal

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