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Pending Teaspeak join Witch Tea*Speak Client


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Hallo wie kann ich mit meinem Tea*Speak 3 Client mit Teaspeak verbinden

Hello, how can I connect to Teaspeak with my Tea*Speak 3 client?
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TeaSpeak Team
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@the_sebiii check my profile, i can solve your "problem" ;)

**I'm the most trusted seller in this forum! You can check the feedback.
Careful with other members (untrusted resellers).. they can sell you a limited license and after that they'll try to charge you again!
Always consult their feedback / profile and clients (many of them do not even have customers or positive feedback)
and compare the licenses with mine before buying anything that it is not legit!
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You need a protocol key valid AAL and you are able to connect with anh ts3 client version.

PM ME 6€ onetime payment !