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Server TeaSpeak MusicBot Commands


TeaSpeak Team
Staff member
Hi guys
Here is the integrated musicbot commands list that you can find
just by typing ".help" in your TeaSpeak Server chat.

Available TeaSpeak MusicBot commands:
.mbot list [<server|channel>]
.mbot select <id>
.mbot formats
.mbot create
.mbot info
.mbot rename
.mbot delete
.mbot yt <video url>
.mbot soundcloud <video url>
.mbot stream <stream url> (For supported protocols / formats see ".mbot formats")
.mbot player <provider> <data>
.mbot play
.mbot play <url>
.mbot volume <0-100>
.mbot forward <seconds>
.mbot rewind <seconds>
.mbot pause
.mbot stop
.mbot next
.mbot <playlist|pl>
.mbot settings <playlist|bot> [name] [value]
It is always best to use TeaSpeak Client to create and manage your musicbots.
It includes a wonderful interface and it is easier to control.

*If you still didnt installed the TeaSpeak MusicBot, you can take a look at this:
TeaSpeak Server & TeaMusicBot (Install Script)
TeaMusicBot Reinstall & Proxy Server Configuration
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