TeaSpeak Protocol_key.txt


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I have a license on a Tea*Speak 3.3.1 server (Non-Profit-License). Original is already several years old.

If I convert it to Protocol_key, could Tea*Speak identify that license from Protocol_Key.txt and ban it? if the ban will stop working with the Tea*Speak 3.3.1 server?


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TeaSpeak and Tea*Speak are 2 Different things. You just can connect with TS3 Client to TeaSpeak servers!
Tea*Speak Inc. Has nothing to do with TeaSpeak because the redirectings are not the same and you are just using their client to connect to another provider! That's like back in the old days using TS2 to connect to Ventrillo Servers. (Yes! This is real)


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You dont resolve my question.

1 - I have a Legal Tea*Speak 3 Server (3.3.1) with Legal NPL License.
2 - I Take this real License, and translate/convert to TeaSpeak Protocol_key with license_viewer.
The Question

If I put this license-converted Protocol_key in TeaSpeak Servers, (Tea*Speak CAN DETECT THE REAL NPL KEY-LICENSE AND BAN THE LEGAL NPL LICENSE throught Tea*Speak 3 Client connections to TeaSpeak server with this NPL-Protocol_key License)?


In theory they yould blacklist you if they see your using more stuff then your license . But its not verry likely currently.
Also you cann still have unlimited servers whit 512 slots on your instance
.Its indead currently the best way to use teaspeak.save .