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Server Template permissions


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Hello buddies,

Today I'm going to show you how to really set up template groups.
As we all know, many people sell TeaSpeak servers and limit the slots according to the client's choice, but notice that the serveradmin group is able to put back the permission to add the slots they want ( Note you can do with any permission you like, normally the permission that was chosen for this thread is for hosts ).

For this not to happen, we will do the following in the b_virtualserver_modify_maxclients permission:
-> Deselect "Value"
-> Remove granted value


After that we will delete the server and create a new one to apply the changes.
Now if you try to enable this option it will give the following error message:
Insufficient client permissions. Failed on permission i_permission_modify_power
I hope it helped, I see a lot of people having this problem that is easy to solve.

Best regards,