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    Pending Disconnected from server (invalid channel order)

    It happened to me aswell... After restarting it worked alright. Couldn't reproduce it yet. It made connecting to the instance impossible and when using YaTQA looks like there was tons of ServerAdmin user logged in, inside the Users channels tree. Interesting though is that those users...
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    Pending [BUG] YaTQA does not show all server icons

    In YaTQA, Show All doesn't do anything... It only shows 16~ icons. In the Icons folder inside the instance directory the icon files are there. When opening up the ICONS feature of TS3 Virtual Server, the client disconnects with the forementioned errors.
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    Pending [BUG] YaTQA does not show all server icons

    It is hapening to me aswell. Users also can't download the icons inside the server and is constantly getting kicked on new servers (post b15) with added icons. Some of them gets error as "conver error", others get "could not open file transfer connection" while others just get "connection lost".
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    Pending 1.4.14b15 Bug

    I've already reported about this permission b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions It's happening like OP described.
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    Instance Actions Log

    I'd again suggest adding a log for the actions just as TS3 have. Whenever a user gets added or removed by a group and whenever a permission is modified by a user, there should be a log entry. Servers are dynamic, sometimes the Server Admins from one instance fight between them and when people...
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    Information We've a new Home/Landing page!

    Well, I've seen this function there for at least a year now... I use it on my discord server so I can chill with close friends while keeping anoying people outside :D About the community, I know what you mean and I aggree with it, if there wasn't community, TeaSpeak wouldn't be as successfull...
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    Information We've a new Home/Landing page!

    Nice! A few notes: You should put copyright symbols when reffering to other brands, Discord have the Ability to hide channels, there is a typo in 'Build in music bots', should be 'Built in music bots' and the concept of community driven gets kind of lost... It's not the community that drives...
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    1.4.14-beta 6 - crash

    The issue is not that. Just saying I've that script lol. The crash happened as described in OP thread.
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    1.4.14-beta 6 - crash

    Pretty sure that the latest crash of those are related to restarting/force restarting haha, since the server actually bugged out and it might restarted itself (autorestart script), I forced closed it a few times to make sure I was starting it alright. I'll update it to the new version in couple...
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    1.4.14-beta 6 - crash

    Like I said, I'll test in due time hehe. For now I'll stick with this version and wait @WolverinDEV status on this crash, since I'm afraid of starting new servers and get them crashed in production (which happened lol).
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    1.4.14-beta 6 - crash

    I'll do it in due time. For now, I'll be using b6. I dont see the latest changelogs for the latest beta releases. Only until b10, which makes me unconfortable to changing for unknown unexpected bugs. Pretty sure this crash has nothing to do with the latest releases, that's why I reported them.
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    1.4.14-beta 6 - crash

    Was setting up a new server with the query bot and it crashed all the instances.
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    BBCode Permissions for poke and private text message

    I'd like to see BBCode permissions for both poke and private text messages. This is a security flaw where people can send masked links via pokes and private text messages.
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    Pending Client move semantics

    @Pamonha don't guide yourself via the groups set up. Use the "Permission Overview" (Visão geral das permissões) inside either TS3 or YaTQA so you can see the resulting permissions applied, thus making sure that you actually have the desired permission even if the group is set alright. Sometimes...