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Application crashed : TeaSpeak-1.5.0-beta-5


Active member
I have a friend who has a server, he uses version 1.5 but it has not crashed yet, but I do not know exactly which version
The version that hit the server:
TeaSpeak 1.5.0-beta (12/14/2020 19:36:34)
Which version is this? I do not think this is a problem
Because my friend has not been crushed for 5 days


TeaSpeak Team
Staff member
Well it's some kind of double free or use after free issue but I'm clueless where it comes from (I've already found one related to the file transfer...).
Just sending me these crash dumps since sometimes just looking through theses some pattern arise which will help me ;)

PPS: Yes I know I've not yet looked the last up (send by me in the last few days, but I'm busy studying and working the last days :D)


Premium User
ALl of them and the appropriate log files as well.
Just these are all. I can't send you one log, web site doesn't let me upload it. If you give me your mail adress, I can send you from there.