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Big TeaSpeak update: 1.4.0!


TeaSpeak Team
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I'm pleased to announce the already highly anticipated update: 1.4.0!
Some of you may already know what new features and changed will come with this update, but for everybody else, here is a little overview:

We worked hard, really hard, over the last few months to heavily improve the TeaSpeak client experience.
We also took this opportunity to rework the horrible unhandy and old chat system.
And as it turned out specially with the chat system we stared from scratch, which was defiantly a good idea as you will see in the following.

Introducing the new chat system
We thought long about the new system. Specially how deeply we want to re engineer the system.
We had ideas from just adding colored emoji support up to a totally separated text channel only tree system.
But specially the second extreme wasn't really we wanted to implement, specially because its not matching the main update philosophy:
Improve user experience!
The outcome would make things worse and you would be just completely disoriented.

So we came up with a mix of both: A channel oriented chat system which uses the already existing voice channel tree
Therefore this means that every voice channel could be used as a chat room (which isn't actually a that new system).
But furthermore you're now able to write from every channel to every other channel!
This of cause is only possible as long you have permission to access (join) the channel.
The other part which revolutionize our chat system is, that every chat room will be saved beyond the server restart.
This allows users, even when they're offline for some time, to lookup missed messages and participate to the conversation.

The second big chat related update is the message formatting.
We added the Markdown syntax to our chat system, which is much easier to use than the old outdated unhandy BBCode syntax.
But don't panic! BBCode syntax with all his rich features is still available and there are currently no plans to drop support.

The design changes
The most obvious first: Its a modern dark design!
But this isn't the only change. As described above, the chat system had become much grater and it deserved a better place.
Not like before in the bottom part with these ugly tabs used to switch around.
This gave us the reason to take away the quite useless permanent shown information at the right half of the screen
and replace them with the newer modern handy chat. But don't worry, we haven't remove these informations.
All the uninteresting (or only interesting for a short time) information have been moved to a "Detailed Info" window which could be opened on interest.

When will this update be available?
For every energetic supporter of the project (all premium members and special elected members) is it already possible.
Just browse to web.teaspeak.dev, enter your forum credentials and have fun!

Here will be some before and after pictures

Important note
The new Web/Native-Client only works with TeaSpeak servers equals or grater then version 1.4.0!

For everybody who is too lazy to read the full text above, here are the key points:
- New chat/conversation System
- Added the Markdown syntax to the chat which is much easier and less complicated and unhandy than BBCodes
- New design (Dark theme)
- Some minor audio system improvements
- Heavily improved the stability (a lot of crashes which have been reported have been fixed) (As within the 1.3.6-4)
- Full IPv6 support and multi binding support for the query/file and web server
- Better handling of out of resource errors.
- Added a possibility to assign your server a region
- Auto permission system upgrade system

Special thanks
I want to give special thanks to Chromatic-Solutions (Sofian) for his helping me out, and designing the client!

Best regards
Markus ~ WolverinDEV
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