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Pending bug permissions all versions


Servers I Tested Ubunto-18, Debian-9 and Debian-10

This was the message that should appear if the serveradmin try to change some permission:

But I just activated the permissions using the serveradmin that works again.
the only one that could have this permission would be the serverquery
it is managing to change even the server slots

Yes, I made the right settings.
I think this is a bug.
The serveradmin can reactivate the deleted permissions without having permission to do it.

NOTE: I did the test with different servers, different config, different versions and different vps.
I believe that other users may have the same problem and haven't noticed this bug yet.

I noticed this error message on the dashboard.
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Ignore that. :) TeaSpeak does not support "Integrations aka Twitch"
Thank you, so this dashboard error is not related to the condition issue

I still have this problem with permissions, I don't know how to solve it because even with a fresh and clean installation the problem continues

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Thank you very much, but I found a solution, open teaspeak and edit for it, I didn't use either yatqa or the other t*speak
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