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Pending Cant connect with Scripts

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Good Day everyone. Since today, i got the following Problem.
Every time i try to connect to the Server with a Script, it gives the following error.

"[2019-05-04 16:26:08] [DEBUG] QUERY | Got new query client from Whitelisted: true
[2019-05-04 16:26:08] [DEBUG] GEN | DB query groups! for -> 3 - server 0
[2019-05-04 16:26:08] [ERROR] QUERY | [ | 0] Failed to read! Code: 0 errno: 0 message: Success"

Yesterday this worked well.

Maybe someone has an idea?

PS: This is the error the Script it self gives out: "Error in connect() on line 4707: host isn't a ts3 instance!"
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