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Design contest; File transfer


TeaSpeak Team
Staff member
first of all the TeaSpeak team wishes you all a happy and healthy Easter!
I'm also glad to announce the first TeaSpeak design contest.

The challenge
This contest is all about the upcoming file browser/transfer UI for the TeaSpeak web/native client.
Your challenge is to develop a modern, clean and responsive GUI which will be the basis for the new file browser.
Your design must fit the, later following requirements as well be suitable for the current client.
Other than these requirements you're free to bring in your own ideas regardless of the current implementations within TeaSpeak or any other software. But please, if you're having any breaking features in mind, contact us, before actually implementing them, juts to ensure they're technically possible. So don't be afraid of any complex, multidimensional menus; design them and we will tackle the task to implement them!

Price pool
Winners price
The first place wins 30€* and a six months premium membership and the "contest winner" forum badge

Second place
The second place wins a six months premium membership.

Third place

The third-place wins a one-month premium membership

- The design must be similar to the current design of the native/web client
- The design should be modern, clean and in a flat style
- The design will be part of a "Modal box". The popups which are window similar when you click on "edit channel" or "settings" for example
- Elements like buttons, checkboxes, etc. should be reused from the current design
If there are any good reasons to use another kind of design, this rule doesn't apply. Just note down why you're using something different!

Required UI Elements:
- Showing the current file path )Which could also be set, comparable with a browser URL bar)
- List of files/directories at the current path including at least the following details
- Name
- Date
- Size (files only)
- UI element to rename a file
- Status indicator for currently running file transfer (Up/download) with the following details
- Transfer speed
- Time left/running time
- The file path (Server-side path)
- Responsive; the design must be suitable for 800x600 pixel screens, as well as easily scalable for up to 4k resolutions.
A max-width/height limitation is possible
- File refresh button/UI element
- Buttons/elements for file up/download
- Buttons/elements for file delete

Optional UI elements
- Search functionality for the current folder
- Overlay/window etc. for all running file transfers
- A mechanism for drag & drop
- A mechanism for file movements
- Buttons/selection for multi-file deletion
- Buttons for "back"/"forward" navigation

Forbidden features:
- File Preview
Attention: This list may change during the competition

To participate in this contest you've to create a thread with your design here: https://forum.teaspeak.de/index.php?forums/contest-submissions.44/
This forum section is private and only you and the TeaSpeak team will see your submission.
Things you've to include in your post:
- Pictures showing all details and states of your design
Example: For a button you will require at least three pictures:
1 picture at disabled state, 1 picture at hovered state and a third picture for the actual "normal" design.
Note: For a standard elements, like a button, which are already known in the design this is not required
- Information about which elements shrink/stretch when changing the GUI dimensions

You've free to edit your thread as many times out want until the end at:
The contest ends at 25. April 2020 23:59 German time (UTC +02)
Any submissions/changes after this date will be ignored.

Best regards and a lot of fun
the TeaSpeak team.

* The 30€ prize will only be distributed if the design will be actually be used, else you'll received 15€.
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