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Feature request EasyWI Support (Broader API Support)


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I wanted to request support for more api commands, especially for EasyWI.
It's a very nice interface with many possibilities, but it won't work with TeaSpeak. (See here)

I discovered the same behaviour with for example with the almighty Tea*Speak interface from Psychokiller. (Login gives back error message:
Error in login() on line 2306: ErrorID: 520 | Message: invalid loginname or password extra_msg=username or password dose not match)

After changing the API response to the Tea*Speak default in the settings, EasyWI can import existing servers but any changes done to them will be completely ignored by TeaSpeak (speaking Restarts, changing settings, etc.)

I think it would help TeaSpeak a lot, if it was able to provide a wider variety of features like the "original Tea*Speak" in order to be able to maintain it more easily without the dependency of another additional paid third party application. Wasn't TeaSpeaks slogan something like "Because a license fee is not my cup of tea!"? Why paying additional licensing fees to Tea*Speak-interface.de then? I don't see, where the costs saved are adding up here.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but this is something to improve quickly, I know some people myself, that refuse to use TeaSpeak beacause of this limitations and switched over to Tea*Speak licenses instead.
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Well I never heard of that, and I don't really know why easywe should not work.
May post a log within you bug report section. In general it should work when you adjusted the motd and entered the right password.

I will definitely not add an option called emulate Tea*Speak because it's not my goal. My goal isn't to make a one to one copy because Tea*Speak has a good core but doesn't do anything. I want to create something much better :)


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Posted a bug here: https://forum.teaspeak.de/index.php?threads/easywi-error-log.915/

I hope it get's resolved, because we don't want a Tea*Speak imitation as well! But we want something that works other things but Tea*Speak-interface.de. Becoming free but locking in to other licensing fees again isn't what many are searching for.

And please note, that this is meant as an constructive feedback! We don't want to insult you or teaspeak, it's really great work! But we want to ensure a broader compatibility for it to be easier to switch to and to maintain with great tools!