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Server help teaspeak server bihind a proxy.


hi ,
what do you mean by proxy? describe more of your network situation and i will help you
maybe i expressed wrong, my tea server host its in canada OVH, i need install tea server bihind aproxy or vpn, for change my location server.
it will be possible?


you have a server in OVH with ip x.x.x.x right? you just installed teaspeak server on it . so you can connect to it using x.x.x.x.

whats the proxy here?


the flag would be the ip your users enter .
if you want to change the flag to canada you have then your destination VPS will be canada . no matter what that vps is connected to ovh or anywhere
and you will get ddos on canada vps again.


i meant the server flag.
the flag one would be the front line VPS . so if it is canada it would be the main VPS your users will see.