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Hosting TeaSpeak Servers For You

Thank you for reading!

Ubuntu Linux TeaSpeak 1.3.24 Server Host

GamersFreedom Inc. Hosting V1

What do we offer?

  1. TeaWeb compatibility​
  2. TeaClient compatibility​
  3. Tea(m)Speak 3/5 ALL Versions compatibility (ALL operating systems!)​
  4. Any slots (maximum 1024)​
  5. DDNS supported​
  6. Web server query​
  7. 24/7 teaspeak servers​
  8. SinusBot - unavailable for personal servers
Please make sure to message me on TeaSpeak, comment on this post or email me here (for fast response): joshgamingyt50@gmail.com. If any problems please let me know. This is not automated for now. This isn't a scam, if you want to go to the web server query early you can do so by messaging me

You can test our Tea(m)Speak server by messaging me

No we are not giving away / selling protocol keys if you're confused.

What if Tea(m)Speak servers get blacklisted?
If Tea(m)Speak servers does get blacklisted I have a special program that allows me to connect to blacklisted Tea(m)Speak servers somebody give me, so if anyone wants it let me know.
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As ATHP user you can create 1 mio slot servers thats Tea*Speak not interessted... he only want her Money from your Company
So I can make 2000 slots servers or 9999 slots servers? If so, Tea(m)Speak would think the servers are illegal (only the 9999 one i think). That's why i want the server limited to 1024 when it comes to the server list


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than post your verify link in first post forum Tea*Speak usa thats your a veryfied hoster