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Server How to install TeaSpeak Server (Linux)


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Hi guys
This tread is intended for all users who want to know how to install a TeaSpeak server.

Recommended systems:
Debian 8/9/10/11
Ubuntu 18/19/20/21

Software you may need:
Putty (to connect by ssh)
WinSCP (to connect by sftp)
Yatqa (to manage / create your TeaSpeak server instances)

*If you do not want to install TeaSpeak Server manually,
you can simply use the already provided script.
If you want to install it manually, then follow the next tutorial.

TeaSpeak Server Install Tutorial

1. Connect your linux server using putty (ssh).

2. Update and Install the server dependencies:
apt update
apt upgrade
apt install -y wget curl screen xz-utils libnice10
3. Create a new user and password:
adduser teaspeak
4. Download and install the latest stable TeaSpeak server version available (Recommended: x64 Systems)

x86 Systems:
su - teaspeak
wget https://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/x86_stable/TeaSpeak-$(curl -k https://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/x86_stable/latest).tar.gz -O TeaSpeak-Latest.tar.gz
x64 Systems:
su - teaspeak
wget https://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/amd64_stable/TeaSpeak-$(curl -k https://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/amd64_stable/latest).tar.gz -O TeaSpeak-Latest.tar.gz
5. Extract the downloaded files
tar -xzf TeaSpeak-Latest.tar.gz
rm TeaSpeak-Latest.tar.gz
6. Start TeaSpeak server for the first time (ATTENTION: Save the serveradmin password and token!)
Type CTRL+C to stop the server.

7. Done! TeaSpeak Server is installed, you only need to start it:
./teastart.sh start
If you want to stop it:
./teastart.sh stop
Now you can connect your server machine by sftp to check the files (server folder: /home/teaspeak)
and you can use yatqa to manage / create your TeaSpeak server instances.
Do not forget that the TeaSpeak server query port is 10101 by default.
You can edit it in "config.yml" file inside your server folder.

I hope this tutorial will help the forum users! ;)
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