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HWID Ban help


Active member
As the title says, could someone teach me how to ban someone with this new feature?
(I got someone how can change their IP so I need to go one step further)

Thank You :)


Active member
Yes, I just noticed. And HWID ban doesn't seem to affect the said person, they just join under different IP/HWID. Is there any way to fight that?


Premium User
Because it's possible to change HWID! ;) pretty easy. and IP is easy to changes. (e.g VPN) ^^


TeaSpeak Team
Staff member
Depends on the client you're using.
With the Teaclient no hwid is sent, and will not be send (for now). The reason is easy: The Web client. Everyone could easily spoof a hwid

With the Tea*Speak 3 client it's easy as well because Tea*Speak uses a register key to store the hwid. Edit this key and you have a new hwid :)