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I'd again suggest adding a log for the actions just as TS3 have.

Whenever a user gets added or removed by a group and whenever a permission is modified by a user, there should be a log entry. Servers are dynamic, sometimes the Server Admins from one instance fight between them and when people are mad, they do bad stuff like deleting groups or applying permissions to random people. Most of the time you are not online to see that information in realtime (some of them doesn't even appear in the global log, like setting client permissions), but you'd like to see when it happened and what that user did.

"You can keep a backup": of course I can keep, and I do keep. But there is TS with more than 2000 users in the DB, and if anybody did some changes like 2-3 months ago, I can't rollback that long. Just like in git, I should cherry pick the changes and revert them.

"It's not relevant": yes it is if people keeps arguing or so it falls back to the Server Managers to fix this stuff if the SA can't trace things out on the log (aka the log doesn't exists).

For a long-term process like a Server, we should have a log for the whole period of that server exists, with useful information for the user/SM/SA (not only the developer).

I'm talking about 2-3 months of uptime and 5~ changes in middle of them that is going to need to have a virtual instance wipe (with the 2000 users in DB, each with their own description, 150 groups) because people have done things that I can't trace or revert the actions of that singular user.

Probably there is a better patch for my case, but I just used this as a useful scenario for the log feature.

I hope this get the attention of other SM in the community aswell and they feel the same need for the log ;)


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I'm already aware of the idea, and planning to implement that in the feature.
Not sure when, but I'll expect it somewhere in the next half/year.

I also really like your argumentation. It gives sense AND the more important point really points out why this is needed and why no other methods could work instead. Keep that style up ;)