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Server Raspberry


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can we install TeaSpeak on a Raspberry?
If yes, whats the minimum Model that can run it?


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I think i go with the Raspberry 3A+

Would be cool, if someone could test it out on a Raspberry 1, 2 and Zero WH ;-)


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Raspberry 1 throws:

pi@raspberrypi:/home/pi/teaspeak# ./teastart_minimal.sh
./teastart_minimal.sh: line 10: 9304 Illegal instruction ./TeaSpeakServer $@
./teastart_minimal.sh: line 12: 9305 Illegal instruction stty cooked echo
Well there is a TeaSpeak rpi build (quite a while ago).
This should run on all rpis ;)
I cant run it. Idk if its the Raspberry or an another issue.
I think i am running Raspberry Pi 2 (84x bit).
It would be cool if there is a newer version or a bug fix.

(Bc i couldnt add the screenshot as file...) Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/yam66z (lightshot)

Btw youre cool! Ive never saw an administrator responding to a users question and that so fast.

oh lol i didnt see that post.

It would be really cool if you could add support for Raspberry 2 and maybe 1 too. Bc i dont want to run a virtual machine only to run a server.
Thank you.

(btw the raspberry language is german)


TeaSpeak Team
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Well RPI1 and RPI2 don't support the full instruction set for using TeaSpeak.
That's why at least a RPI3 is required (a or b dosn't matter)