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Completed Schönheitsfehler // Small issues

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ich weiß, dass es sich bisher "nur" um Betaversionen handelt, allerdings würde ich diesen Thread einmal dazu nutzen, um die User aufzufordern, dir die "Schönheitsfehler" mitzuteilen, um diese gegebenenfalls fix korrigieren zu können.

I'm pretty aware of this being a beta 'only' but I'd like everyone to post the obvious but less important issues in here such as misspellings and stuff like that so the DEV can fix them asap.

Ich fange dann einfach mal an!
I'm just going to start off!

1. [TeaSpeak-Server] Channelgroup "Guast" should be called "Guest"

2. [TeaSpeak-Server] Icons seem to disappear after uploading a few of them and not all of them are displayed on the mobile apps on Android or iOS.

3. [TeaSpeak-Server] Doesn't show any country flags apart from the german one.

4. [TeaSpeak-Server] lists 9987 as port on the official server list even tho there's a custom port in use.

5. [FORUM] I guess it should be called "Waiting" or "Pending" instead of "Wating".

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Hello @h00n1g4n,

thanks for your thread.
Because of the fact, that all this issues are - as you said - 'only' smal ones they have lower priority.
However, @WolverinDEV will work on them as fast as possible, because we want to get rid of all these mistakes as soon as possible.

I already changed the thread prefix.
Thanks for your suggestion.


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1.) ~Fixed :)
2.) What do you exactly mean. I guess all Icons which got successfully uploaded should be displayed :)
3) Yes this is a default value. I didnt implement a Country lookup yet
4) Lul fixed :)
6) Fixed


I would do that if I had an account there, I'm using local GitLabs most of the time so I'd rather keep updating this thread here.


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7. Fixed since 1.0.18-Beta
Copied server groups always use 65535 as serverid:

I hope it´s ok, that I´m writing small bugs in your thread ;)
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I'm talking about the virtual server. I only stopped the server instance and can't restart it, even after 2 minutes.
This is the only log output I have:
[14:30:48] [INFO] Generating server puzzles...
[14:30:48] [INFO] Puzzles generated! Time required: 246ms



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I tried it with different ports. If I stop the server instance, I can't restart it. I need to restart TeaSpeak before.
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