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Service department: how can I help you? Costumer: Its trash!


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as the title already spoilers, I'm going to give a quick tutorial on how you could annoy the TeaSpeak support the most.
This thread is more a collection thread of all (silly) questions and answers. So let's go right ahead and jump right into it.
Disclaimer: This thread is intend to improve the support quality by avoiding silly question. I don't want to offend anybody!

1. Question: "Which server version do you use?" Answer : "Newest".
The answer isn't probably incorrect, but it's not helping anyone in any way.
First of all "newest" is highly depending on the state of the versions at the said timestamp.
This will make error research after some time impossible because nobody could retrace what the "newest" version was at that time.

The second this is that "newest" is quite subjective.
A simple example of that would be Max. Max is a system administrator at a company called 123-software.
Max is responsible to keep all systems up2date and secure. How it has to come, Max discovered a bug and he reports it.
He supplies all needed information and states out that he has the "newest" version.
But due to a lack of research, Max wasn't aware, that there was already a patch out, which would solve the issues.
Instead, Max wastes time on his, and more importantly, on the project maintainers side trying to reproduce that bug.
DONT be like Max! Be smarter and provide the exact version!

2. "My server crashes! Fix that!"
Well... thanks for letting me know. As soon as possible I'll find out your IP-address, hijack your v/root - server and fix the bug for you!
Should I give you an unlimited premium membership as well?.
This might be a great solution, but sadly I'm not able to perform such tasks.
Like anybody else, I need some information to investigate such issue and hopefully, this will eventually lead to a bugfix.
Especially information such as, which version you're using (attention: see above!) or a crash dump file, is incredibly important for my investigation.
From help would also be a way to reproduce the crash or any other unusualities which you've noticed.

---- The end ----
PS: I highly doubt that this is really the end.
There will be a lot more Q&A's soon :p

Update: Counting the Q1 matches:
- one time 10/07/2020

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