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TeaSpeak got a new partner: Tea(m)Speak Web Interface!


TeaSpeak Team
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I have great news again!
TeaSpeak is now getting bigger and bigger and I love to see that my software makes you happy.
Well but there's still one thing I noticed within the past few months.
I started implementing a lot of new features and administration possibilities for server owners, but most of you don't have the ability to use them because general and normal tools do not support them.

Some time ago I actually arranged a new partnership with Tea*Speak-interface a Tea(m)Speak Web-Interface specially adjusted and specified for TeaSpeak, which will fit in all your new needs. This small project is made out of love and within personal free time and like TeaSpeak the number one priority there is also to give an incredible experience to the user :)

Well, you may already notice that I'm enthused by this project, but what does it really can?
I'm not a fan of just a listing of features but I don't have other opportunities, else this thread will be far too long.
  • Powerful role and rights system
  • Control the TeaSpeak music bot
  • Extensive user management
  • Extensions and update management
  • Administration of acquired licenses
  • Access, error, and cronjob logs
  • Implementation of individual styles
  • Manage server instances
  • Manage associated voice server
  • Templates for creating voice servers
  • Manage channels and clients
  • Detailed instance and server statistics
  • Server, channel and client chat
  • Server Interface & TS Explorer
  • Snapshot management incl. import
  • Cronjobs via Ajax, Webcron or Crontab
  • Extensive security features
  • Multilingual - German and English
  • Much much much more... (click here for more details)
If you're interested within the web interface you have a 30-day trial where you can check out everything, migrate your server or explore all these different futures.
There is also an online test web panel where you can check out the compatibility to the TeaSpeak server:
URL: https://demo.Tea*Speak-interface.de/index.php
Username: Tester
Password: demo2018

If you're connived to buy that and you already bought a premium membership as well you'll get a little bit off:
- For everyone who bought the 3-month membership 10%
- For everyone who bought the 6-month membership 15%
- For everyone who bought the 1-year membership 20%
You could request the discount codes without your license request thread!

And of cause feel free to share your experience with the Tea(m)Speak Web-Interface
Best regards
WolverinDEV ~Markus
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Are you sure? :D The Main System alone contains more than 1400 language variables because the explanation of all rights is also translated.