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TeaSpeak ?


New member
Don't get me wrong, what is the benefit of Tea*Speak.de for us?, We said free, you want money for the license.?

Even the current version does not enter, so what's the use?


Premium User
English please..
Anyway, teaspeak is free, you just buy a license if you want..
This is not a false Tea*Speak ... this is teaspeak!
There are no connection problems..


TeaSpeak Team
Staff member
TeaSpeak is free and has a lot of extra features; Just a glimpse:
- WebClient
- Video chatting (coming really soon)
- Open source client
- Uncountable community requested features
and a lot more ;)


New member
you're probably trying to connect teaspeak server using ts3 client.
Use teaspeak server + teaspeak client and you will be able to connect.
To use ts3 client to connect teaspeak servers, you need a protocol key license.
tea*speak tokovoip does not connect, man.