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Hey guys,

I, along with a few gentlemen like @Leutech Sincerely thank you for TeaSpeak existing. We are 2 tech based people who switched from TS to TeaSpeak. We are actively promoting TeaSpeak. We support you as much as we can. Thank you for giving many here a chance with TeaSpeak, a free software that offers many great features.
My motto is always: give and take.
We get the software, and give it to people who ask us if they can get a server.
But to @WolverinDEV
I would like to say thank you once again. I was a few years ago with you briefly in dialogue. And I got in the Kurzrn time that you are a very nice person. You were sympathetic to me. You and your team have done a great thing with TeaSpeak. You have done what few have done. And that is to unite the people beyond the borders. This shows me that you have always given 100%. A big thank you also goes to @BIOS
You were always cool on it.

My team and me, wish you all the best, and stay tuned dear ones.

Kind regards