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Just read all of these comments, glad to see the community band together for this.
As for the situation, I'm sad to see that this is becoming an issue, but as a graduating uni student, I can also relate.

I'm working to get my company partnered with TeaSpeak, and once we are, my plan is to dedicate a percentage of our earnings from TeaSpeak sales to go towards @WolverinDEV as an additional donation in addition to our Premium license. It may not be much to start, but I want to help this project as much as I can and keep it going!


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good night.
@WolverinDEV I have no problem paying a premium license monthly and being able to enjoy an excellent job that you offer.

I sincerely am delighted to know that even before you graduated from college you have dedicated yourself to the project and done what you did.

Congratulations and count on me for whatever it takes to maintain the project.

my license will always be renewed without any doubts.


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What about opting for an unconventional business model?

Like the approach used by NextCloud or the one used by WordPress, or even something totally different...

I mean... ...there are many paths to "make a living" out of the software, even if it's OpenSource & Free.

Think about some PRO addon or integration that could be useful to different niches of customers.

Examples :

- a % fee on reseller SALES like @pichotm mentioned...

- Installing custom solution for Enterprise Customers;

- PREMIUM but SPECIFIC addons (Ex. : adding the possibility to link some channel to an FTP folderl);

- a Trello-Integration Plugin (for developers);

- some premium "CLASSROOMISH" feature.

- a Plugin Marketplace (this is probably the most interesting along with reseller's "fee");

- formation on what's above;

- a FEATURED-HOSTING to allow paid promotion from the new hosting that wishes to be homepage-featured.

- Physical purchases & merchandise

- Videogame non-intrusive advertising (Like discord does)

This could potentially allow students, dev-teams, and gamers to use the "Tea*Speak-like".

Being well known by many people who use the "ts-like" part... ...could be potentially helpful to promote "SIDEPRODUCT" that aims to a different customer target (like enterprise users).

FREE VS Freemium :

Do your analysis and research!!! MAYBE you could even discover how much a FREE thing can sometimes be more "profitable" than something too "limited".

P.S. : Enlarging a bit the difference from its main "competitor"... ...TeaSpeak could even become a software with a STONG OWN IDENTITY.
I know many people is here for "3.1" but... ...if the "base software" becomes better than competitors... ...3.1 becomes USELESS!!!
(even avoiding any possible legal issue)


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maybe will be good idea to start project for teaserver windows?
Sry Bro but y're totaly wrong.
@WolverinDEV don't have to build any TeaServer on Windows it's not needed.
It's not to Wolverin to update he's code to make it compatible with Windows but it's Microsoft to make them OS compatible to Wolverin project 😆 😆 😆 . AND it's what they already have down ;) it's called WSL.
Google it and you will learn some new sandbox to play. 😁

Btw the main build of TeaServer is to be runned on Linux servers => because it's spending lesser resources to run
Like windows has been created to be windowed => For clients who have nothing to care about terminals.
Microsoft decided to create Windows Servers To try to scrape market shares. but they will never have the majority of running server around the world.

Linux main use will always been for backend developers | servers | poor people
Legacy Windows will always been for people who love use them mouse and windows, ... => majority of peoples who don't know how servers are working

Macs will always been for Designers & "riches"


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For me it is totally valid for @WolverinDEV to make some money with TeaSpeak. He created it and it is a good software. However I also think it shouldn't be the focus as it should stay free too.

And just to remeber: free software can also die because it is free. In most cases the peoples who maintain the software to provide it free to all have costs too to do that. They need to pay servers for the webpage, buy tools to develop with or libraries they want or need to use, certificates for the software, ..., and their free time! So all in all it is not really free as someone pays for it to make it to make it free to us.

All in all I think the best solution is to make it some kind of commercial. For me that is the only way because making it FOSS sounds good in the first moment but would maybe result in fewer updates or even worse. And making money from it could also result in benefits for all because of more frequend updates, bigger community (sales, marketing) and more features (as people would work full time on it).

First of all I am not a sales man or somthing like that. So please take my idea below just something like a proposal:

Free community edition:
  • Only for personal non commercial usage
  • Maximum of 2 virtual servers with 64 slots in total
  • Community support (forum)
  • Addons like musicbot can be bought yearly

Paid community edition:
For personal non commercial usage like gamers or gaming communities I think it is affordable to pay some little fees. As this still is not for commercial usage, it souldn't be too much.
  • Only for personal non commercial usage
  • More virtual servers or slots needs to be bought yearly
    (not per slot but like packages - could be 64 more slots for x$ per year)
  • Maximum of 2 virtual server
    (everything above 2 virtual servers sounds like hosting to me which is no longer personal usage)
  • Community support (forum)
  • Addons like musicbot can be bought yearly

Commercial edition:
  • Unlimited virtual servers
  • Paid by monthly slot usage.
  • All features/addons (or paid on usage too)
  • Ticketsystem with enhanced support

My idea behind this ist to allow small teams to still use it for free. But if the teams grow in numbers it should be possible to pay some small fees.
But if somone wants to host TeaSpeak servers to earn money, they should pay from the first slot in my eyes. I suggested here to pay per slot as this is a fair method for both sides.

Some benefits for making it commercial (for all of us):
  • More often updates.
  • More features as people work fulltime on it.
  • Bigger community as marketing and sales would make TeaSpeak more known

I think most of the TeaSpeak hosters are only hosting it as it is completely free at the moment. So if it is no longer free it could be, that the hosters no longer want to manage it as second/third VoIP product. This could also happen if it is too expensive.

Would be great to hear your ideas about that!


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@UncleSam I really like the idea you proposed, except the slot thing.
Ofc it's the first "limitation" which comes in mind but I think it's preventing servers from growing.
Nobody wants to be afk on them since they're basically blocking slots for other users.

I'm actually playing with the thoughts to limit the channels and the clients per channel (as well the video transmissions per channel / server).
I think this actually has the same effect, distinguish non commercial users from commercial once, except don't putting a limit on the overall users.
In that way it's not a shame anymore to afk in one channel and using a slot.

PS: Especially with the new video update (announcement will come soon) I'm looking forward to getting TeaSpeak kinda Commercialised ;)