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Hey guys,

I, along with a few gentlemen like @Leutech Sincerely thank you for TeaSpeak existing. We are 2 tech based people who switched from TS to TeaSpeak. We are actively promoting TeaSpeak. We support you as much as we can. Thank you for giving many here a chance with TeaSpeak, a free software that offers many great features.
My motto is always: give and take.
We get the software, and give it to people who ask us if they can get a server.
But to @WolverinDEV
I would like to say thank you once again. I was a few years ago with you briefly in dialogue. And I got in the Kurzrn time that you are a very nice person. You were sympathetic to me. You and your team have done a great thing with TeaSpeak. You have done what few have done. And that is to unite the people beyond the borders. This shows me that you have always given 100%. A big thank you also goes to @BIOS
You were always cool on it.

My team and me, wish you all the best, and stay tuned dear ones.

Kind regards


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Hello, please do not judge my humble opinion arrogantly or biased

1. you need to change the name of your product, as it is very similar to another promoted product (if the idea is to attract some audience, then you already have it, these are service providers...who owes you a lot)

2. income brings only 3.1, this is a huge problem for your product, you are destroying your market, now I will describe the right approach, in my opinion
- 1. advertising (I think you can read something about Google ads, and with a connection to localization) is your salvation (don't overdo it), advertising in your client, I think, will bring income (well, imagine how many customers who have advertising in an application that says "advertising or pay "" I think that clicks on ads will be at least 20 percent, the rest will be shown)
announce the policy for free with advertising or money for slot machines
- 2. your product should be actively described in gaming communities, you need to come with suggestions like "we provide you with the server side, and there will be advertising on the client side, we will transfer some of the money from
advertising to you ", I think you understand that you will have to finalize the server side
-3. your providers, by agreement with you, must place a link to your product on their website in the catalog next to another product for free, without this, the price of 3.1 must be significantly increased (-20% of the original price оf tea*speak)

these points I think I can bring your product to a new level in 1-2 years

players don 't like discord ... because he is VERY demanding

tea*speak expensive server

your product will be free , you will receive income from advertising

you should understand that popularization of your client should be in the 1st place in your interests

Thanks for attention.



Hello everyone, first of all thank you for everything Wolverine, your development idea and implementation was a great innovation and has helped a lot here.

Now it's time that we also give something back, unfortunately I can't code/program or compile myself, but I can provide server space. There is a teaspeak.de server, which I cannot use with the Tea*Speak client (certificate error).

That's why I'm donating a new TeaSpeak server to the community, initially with 50 clients (expandable to 999), which can be used via web.teaspeak.de, TeaSpeak Client and the Tea*Speak Client.
All this, of course, free of charge as long as this project exists.

I know that most of them won't use it, but fast and personal communication is particularly important for further development, so I'm happy to contribute.

Discord would certainly work too, but many (including me) already use so many Discords that it is sometimes extremely annoying when it rings and rings everywhere.

I will make the server available from June 1st, 2023, it can then be reached at teaspeak.ntalk-ts*.de
If the server is not used for more than 6 months, I will shut it down (not delete it) and reactivate it on request.

Kind regards and I hope I can help


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What do you mean by financial help? I'd like to have more details, as I have several servers, so if this is a question of hosting, we can certainly discuss it.


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quoi que tu entend par Aider financière j'aimerais biens avoir plus de précision présentement je possède plusieurs serveur si ces question pour hébergement on peu surement discuté
In english, please! And what type of server do you have? How many? How much RAM? Storage? Processor?
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