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Ts3 to ts5


TeaSpeak Team
currently it gives no converter to convert Tea*Speak sql in teaspeak

i not currently know how many changes it is in database


Active member
WTF this i very confusing TS3 to TS5 ? wtf wtf wtf
i think you want to conver Tea*Speak server sql to TeaSpeak server a i right ?
if so you need to create a snapshot of your Tea*Speak server with yatqa and restore it on you teaspeak server because Tea*Speak database isnt the same as teaspeak one. (And btw TS5 is only a client that works with Tea*Speak 3 and teaspeak server there is not Tea*Speak 5 server)


TeaSpeak Team
it only works with Tea*Speak to Teaspeak

other ones not works get an error it says channel 0 allready exists and it delete the server