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Native Client TSDNS does not work in the new version 1.5.2-1


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now it works thanks, but the webclient doesn't work.

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invitation link is having the same problem as for dns

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Is it really planned to drop TSDNS support for the client? In my opinion ITS another thing that makes a bonus for users to use TeaClient over TS3 clients... People can then only use TeaClient to connect to both Tea and TS3.

If TSDNS support is removed, users Will fallback to the ts3 client because there is way more ts3 servers than tea...

I know most of us use srv records, thats Fine, but you know... When you have already compativility with a system, why removing It when you Will lose some users with that?


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The system is not only deprecated by TeaSpeak.
Due to the wide spread usage I've not planned to remove it.