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Native Client Whisper function


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Hey Everyone,

i am evaluationg to compleetly move to teaspeak from ts3.
Since i am playing eve online with my guys we are heavily dependent on the channel commander whisper function that ts3 has.
Is there such a function in the native teaspeak client?

Greetings Sven
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No, there is no such function in TeaClient yet, I have already questioned this several times with @WolverinDEV, but he just says he will do it soon, in the last estimate he said that at least about 6 months, I was sad about it, because many of my customers use Whisper too, so they must use Tea*Speak client to access Whisper.

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I hope that more people will make this request too, to see if he gives priority to this issue of Whisper in TeaClient.
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I would prefer to not mix up teaspeak and ts3.
But we are a EvE Online Alliance and we require the Whisper function for the coordination between commanders on fleet.
Maybe @WolverinDEV can tell us some more? :D

Thanks and Greetings

PS: I think for lot of eve players TeaSpeak would be a good alternative. Alliances can pretty fast need hundreds of slots which is a pain with TS3.
PS2: mumble way of merging channels is also cool, but it sukks due tue outdated voice codecs and interface
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many of my TeaSpeak customers also charge me for this function and I don't have to tell them ..