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Windows Server


New member
Hello all,

I know you have not made a version of the server for Windows but I just wanted to make an account to register my interest in a windows version of the server.

Is this something the dev team are working on or planning too? If so I would be very happy to help with testing and provide testing data. I do have quite a few years of experience with running TS3 servers and am willing to help where I can.

Thanks in advance guys and keep up the good work.

EDIT: Forgot to add that the main reason I cannot use the Linux version is due to the software we run on our current server, it demands that we run Windows Server version 2012R2 or later.


Active member
I can sell you VPS Serwer and you make there Server it's better option's windows serwer's not got good procesor to host there are so much crashes and firewall it's gone...