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    Information The future of TeaSpeak

    One idea that can be interesting too is google Adsense on your site to get started. Me when I had my site with the server, I had 1200-1500 € per month just with 1000 visitors per day. For example you can also include advertising on teaweb for non-premium users. It is not an income, but it is...
  2. Kevinos

    Beta Google Map (Users Online)

    Hello, I will soon publish a small script, which displays a point on the google map of users logged into your TeaSpeak server. I still try to make the point disappear once the user logs out and I publish the script for whoever they want. A small screenshot ;) I will also make a version...
  3. Kevinos

    Voice4You needs your help

    Done Thank you. We will take your feedback.
  4. Kevinos

    Release Psychokillers webinterface modiffied( a little bit) for Teaspeak

    Check the modt in config teaspeak
  5. Kevinos

    Server are there some way to try not be blacklisted by Tea*Speak

    I don't think you will get any help with this question on this forum. Just use TeaClient or TeaWeb.
  6. Kevinos

    IPtools.online ssh logs (bans)

    Hello If the post disturbs I delete :) , Welcome to IPtools.online, home of the IPtools.online. We offer a multi options by using the our IPtools. It features live ssh-banning, live ssh-banlist updates, live ssh-ban removals and more. IPtools.online is a private community that works with root...
  7. Kevinos

    Release Teaspeak Hosting Panel

    good job sexy template
  8. Kevinos

    Server Hello I don’t want some countries to log in to my Teaspeak server. How can I prevent them?

    You can use this php script, you can modify it to block certain countries easily . <?php require("ts3admin.class.php"); // Ignorowane grupy / Ignore groups $ignorowana_grupa = 69; $powod_kicka = "Wykryto VPN. Wyjdź z VPN żeby móc korzystać normalnie z serwera."; // Kick Information...
  9. Kevinos

    Pending Mysql connect error

    Test add in my.cnf [mysqld] innodb_file_per_table=1 innodb_large_prefix=1 innodb_file_format=Barracuda and restart mysql server
  10. Kevinos

    1.4.14-beta 6 - crash

    I had exactly the same problem before, when I sent poke to users, from 5k the server crash, I had to deactivate the pokes.
  11. Kevinos

    We've a new Home/Landing page!

    It's so sexy, beautiful works ;)
  12. Kevinos

    Native Client Game Detect?

    Oh sorry i hadn't seen :p
  13. Kevinos

    Native Client Game Detect?

    Hello, It would be really an option that detects the games we play, a bit like discord. Example: For example also, an option that discord does not have, when your click on full info, it says the number of hours played on the game. And if it is not possible to make a detection, a menu with...
  14. Kevinos

    User click

    On the gif, we see that I can click on the other users, but not mine, force to close the page, and relaunch..
  15. Kevinos

    User click

    Hello, I noticed a bug with teaweb. I think this problem happens when you receive a popup from the server, for example when the server restarts we receive a window in the middle of the screen, or when you receive a poke. You can no longer click on your own name. Os : Win10 Google Chrome.