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||||||||||||||| YAMANO SERVICES |||||||||||||||

-----------» ATTENTION «-----------


(Installing / configuring tutorial / Teaspeak Protocol keys / Help Preventing Server Blacklist)
*One time payment
*Renovation will cost 10% less
*Minimum of 6 months duration
*Unlimited servers
*Unlimited slots (1024 per server)
*Allow connections by new Teamspeak client versions
You can test before buy: Ask me the ip by personal message!

(Installing / configuring tutorial / Unlimited MusicBots)
*One time payment
*New version
*Tutorial / Video tutorial
*Unlimited musicbots per ip / server (not per instance)
*Original licenses
*I do not use cracks or docker versions
I'm just using Debian and Latest Sinusbot version from the site (original License)
You can test before buy: Ask me the ip by personal message!

WHMCS v7.4 / 7.5 / 7.6 / 7.7
(Installing / configuring)
*One time payment
*No Whmcs Branding
*Old and New versions
*Whmcs site successful validation
*Cpanel remote installation
*Original licenses
*I do not use cracks or nulled versions..
I'm just using WHMCS from the site (original License)
Test validation before buying: Ask me by personal message!

*All services are One Time Payments (except for new updates / renovations)
*Some of my services include video tutorials
*Clients will receive everything by email (1 email accepted) after payment confirmed
*All my protocol keys are different every single year
(I will not use the same to avoid blacklist and untrusted resellers)
*Do not resell my licenses / create secundary profiles to talk with me
(I'll permanently remove you from my clients list and you will not be able to buy any of my services anymore!)
*If anybody is reselling my tutorials or licenses, i'll be gratefull if you report it to me
*Debian 8/9 Tutorials (Protocol keys work in any teaspeak compatible system)
*I'm not responsible for blacklisted protocol keys, use it on your own
*Stupid questions will be ignored
*No payment returns
*Just Paypal payments accepted
*I can accept paysafecard / skrill if you pay 50% more
*I will not accept payments with taxes (pay yourself the taxes or i will refund the payment)
*You can check some of my clients feedback here:
Yamano Feedback

Need any of my services?
Just contact me and we can talk about the prices ;)


Public contact E-Mail


Teaspeak Protocol Keys // Sinusbot Unlimited // WHMCS Licenses
Contact me by personal message if you need any of my services.
Do not forget to buy Premium, so you can support Teaspeak Project!
Yamano Services List | Yamano Clients Feedback


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