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Pending After each update, the translated words disappear.


I have already mentioned this problem more than once. But unfortunately my words were not heard, and previously open topics were not corrected https://forum.teaspeak.de/index.php?threads/many-words-and-phrases-cannot-be-translated.2898/
In this regard, I have to stop supporting the Russian language until the translation system is upgraded. We need a different approach for implementing translations. It seems to me that there should be a reference file with words that you would already implement in the code during development. And at the moment you have the opposite, the translation is pulled from the code.

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Perhaps I incorrectly explained my position, but the essence of this does not change.
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I know what you're talking about.
In general the client/web client generates a list of phrases which could be translated.
As I told before, since I've reworked most of the basic UI parts may some phrases actually changed (Adding/removing a space) is already enough to totally break the translation (you know how the system works).

I actually once appended all translatable phrases to your translation file but than you've removed them since they make the file "clumsy" ;)