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Completed After update to 1.2.16 bug

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Hello, i just update to 1.2.16 but i have again : Found varianzes within the server tick! (Supposed: 500ms Hold: 519ms)

On 1.2.15beta 16 no any this problem

and users online get timeout :
<15:03:50> Tentative de connexion au serveur sur
<15:03:51> By Server used by Teaspeak.DE
<15:03:51> Connecté au serveur : "^:heart:"
<15:06:12> "kokokoko" a déconnecté (départ)
<15:06:32> "Loona" a déconnecté (départ)
<15:08:44> "DucK" a abandonné (No ping response)
<15:08:44> Vous avez abandonné (No ping response)

Any idea? :)
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