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Server Blacklist


1. Download TeaClient
2. Tell your friends about TeaClient
3. Use TeaClient together with your friends
I have a game platform with 200 people, impossible to download all of them

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Disable weblist
Get new IP
Get new domain

I don't remember, about there is any other method to prevent it. ^^
I'm doing these but still getting blacklists
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Avoid very big slot numbers per virtual server.
About 4 years ago I was had license crack before the Tea*Speak "new" license update and i was had a 1million slot virtual server and i forgot about the weblist, and I got blacklisted because that. :LOL:

I maked a video in '18 and i know about only client-side anti-blacklist methods (like setting the blacklister server to localhost in hosts file) but I don't know they are working nowadays.


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Tea*Speak no longer feels sorry for TeaSpeak and does not issue a graylist alert, they directly blacklist