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Completed BUG SERVER 3.3.0 [Stable]


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since the new client version of Tea*Speak could no longer connect to the server but since your update we can reconnect but an erratic message appears when we connect to the server Tea*Speak with the sound error can set it


Screen :


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you can connect with the new versions you just need a protocol_key and this option on config "experimental_31: 1"
about that error i also got that vbut was fixed on 1.3.21 beta 7.
what version are you using ?


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It's not a bug! ;)

As @Herbalist says.

You need protocol_key.txt (You can buy it from @yamano), and you need to edit the config file, and change "experimental_31: 0 to experimental_31: 1"

But. it works ONLY, so long you have a protocol_key.txt :)


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[QUOTE = "mkll11one, post: 14451, membre: 183"]
Ce n'est pas un bug! ;)

Comme [USER = 495] @Herbalist [/ USER] dit.

Vous avez besoin de protocol_key.txt (vous pouvez l'acheter à partir de [USER = 517] @yamano [/ USER]), vous devez modifier le fichier de configuration et modifier "experimental_31: 0 en experimental_31: 1".

Mais. cela fonctionne UNIQUEMENT, aussi longtemps que vous avez un protocol_key.txt:)

J'ai acheté le protocole