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Client Dropped Connection Lost

I don't know what happens, but whenever my server gets crowded it happens, I've changed my vps and the error always persists, I don't know what else to do, can someone help me?



TeaSpeak Team
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update to latest beta version.
this one is stable and bug might is fixed
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TeaSpeak Team
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Does this happen when the channel is full, i.e. it has more than 32 clients or when the slots limit is reached?


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Probably not a teaspeak server problem.
Did you checked your host network?
I dont know about other hosts, i always used OVH, SoYouStart or Kimsufi without problems.
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Provavelmente não é um problema de servidor do teaspeak.
Você verificou sua rede de host?
Não conheço outros hosts, sempre usei OVH, SoYouStart ou Kimsufi sem problemas.
Já utilizo OVH, testei AMAZON, GOOGLE sempre o mesmo erro quando chega a 140 online