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Pending message code not work anymore



i updated my teaspeak 1.4.22

with Tea*Speak 3 PHP Framework used to i use like that

$ts3_Channel = $ts3_VirtualServer->channelGetById($mbotchannelx);
$ts3_Channel->message(".mbot select $botid");
$ts3_Channel->message(".mbot play");
after update 1.4.22 this give error on message code.

error code 768 , invalid channedID

how can i fix that?


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TeaSpeak ignores the target parameter and just sends the message into the current channel of the query client.
Since the query client may not be within a channel, it fails.


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Thanks ;)

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Hi, sending the channel message works.

However the command ex: .mbot create by message channel (php and yatqua) does not create the bot.

before that was possible?

log :

[2021-01-20 22:32:02] [TRACE]     1 | [*.*.*.*:20746/serveradmin1 | 4][Command][Client -> Server] Processing command: sendtextmessage targetmode='2' target='23' msg='.mbot create'
[2021-01-20 22:32:02] [TRACE]     1 | [Permission] Found skip permission in client server group. Group: 2 (Admin Server Query), Value: true
[2021-01-20 22:32:02] [TRACE]     1 | [Permission] Calculation for client 1 of permission b_client_channel_textmessage_send returned 1 (Server group permission of group 2)
[2021-01-20 22:32:02] [TRACE]     1 | [*.*.*.*.:21171/Grepher76 Music | 2][Command][Server -> Client] Sending command notifytextmessage. Command low: false. Full command: notifytextmessage invokerid=4 invokername=serveradmin1 invokeruid=serveradmin targetmode=2 target=4 msg=.mbot\screate timestamp=1611178322700 cid=23
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