Information Official TeaSpeak Docker Images are out!


TeaSpeak Team
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Greetings Tea-Community,
my name is @h1dden-da3m0n, I am an open-source developer and I recently stumbled onto TeaSpeak.

Why is that important you ask, well I am quite a container fan too (eg. Docker/Podman/K8s ❤) and after I discovered TeaSpeak I saw that it had a TeaDocker repo, which was in an unknown and supposedly outdated state without official images on the DockerHub.
So I went ahead and started to rewrite, clean up the existing server Dockerfiles, added a WebClient Dockerfile and documented the sh*t out of it (eg. install and usage instructions).
Anyway, to conclude this story I then opened a pull request and after a long productive discussion/conversation with @WolverinDEV and one or two more pull requests later all was set and ready for official Tea-Images on the DockerHub.

So without further ado:

We are happy to announce that TeaSpeak server and TeaSpeak web now have official Docker images for all of you to use!

  • Everyone, who wanted an official TeaSpeak Docker image can now make use of them.
  • Host your server inside of a container instead of running it on bare metal.
  • Host your own TeaSpeak-Web for your community to use.
  • Use the official images and build your own on them as your base

We know there has been some community members that have already packed the server into a Docker image, as well as released them to the DockerHub, we would like to thank you for your efforts and feel free to continue your work.
If you are one of those members feel free to use the official images as a new base for your image or use their Dockerfiles as a template.

If you are wondering whether these images will continue to be updated and if there would be new features coming to them, then be rest assured that they are built via our CI (Continuous Integration) platform and therefore get updated the moment you would be able to download the next release.
If you have ideas for the docker images (eg. something that is directly addressable by changing the Dockerfiles or starting scripts) please let us know in the issues section of the TeaDocker repository. (I also noted some of my Ideas at the end of the readme within that repo, yet cant promise their realisation 😜)

Finally, hope you enjoy this announcement and release!

@h1dden-da3m0n and the TeaSpeak - Team

(ps. big thank you to all TeaSpeak staff, especially @WolverinDEV for this project and allowing me to do/announce this 😊)