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Native Client Problems with teaspeak client windows


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I have been for some days encouraging my users to migrate definitively to teaspeak, since the use of Tea*Speak is becoming impossible every day by the exchange variation of the US dollar and the horrible support that I have received there.

However, several users have reported problems with the use of the software on their desktop since the microphone is not being captured correctly, the program locking when it is in parallel to the Tea*Speak.

The use of sotftware have been facing problems since only the user accesses the main domain teaspeak.de receives notification of the antivirus, and I have been able to prove with tests in various programs .. Like Kaspersky, Avast, AVG, Avira and others .. all accuse the third-party URL usl without SSL.

The moment for teaspeak has already appeared, and we need to popularize the software, however for that we need to focus on .. How to adapt the forum to users from other regions for example.

Extending support, we have expanded application development together ... and we need to seriously wake up to that.

And it's not just a matter of who wants to use teaspeak client, as well as those who use the Tea*Speak client to connect to their servers. One hour, someone will report your server, going blacklisted almost immediately.

The change has come from the community, to encompass the quality that no other software has managed to deliver ..


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Problems such as these occur routinely, and it may be because of a lack of staff to pro - mote development or improve end - user support.



I have long urged everyone to switch to Tea Client. It should be improved unambiguously. Maybe should use the QT library (Qt Creator) instead of the library Electron.


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I'm sorry for the long delay, but I had a lot of private work.
First of all I would like to say thank you for your constructive feedback.

1) Microphone is not being captured correctly
Could you describe the issue a bit more?​
Does the user experience just silence or is there any kind of error?​
Which OS are they using? (I guess windows right?)​
2) "Unsafe" HTTP
Yes you're right. The TeaClient currently downloads his UI pack via HTTP.​
This will change soon because as you've already mentioned HTTP is not secure.​
3) Participation
Yes you're right, were trying to evolve the TeaSpeak native client as a replacement for the TS3 client.​
But not manly because of the blacklist thing more because the TS3 client isn't capable of supporting all futures which TeaSpeak provides.​
Something which must be noticed here is that we're trying to develop the software futures in cooperation with the community and not like some other VoIP software.​
3) Loading error
Where does this error occur? Web or native client?​
As well if you've an error we definitively need the console output.​
@Vafin The client is already improving at a rapid pace :)
The main reason why we're not using the QT library is that we want to provide the user a equal experience from everything (Web and Client).
Electron has also the benefit that you've a fully configurable interface and on the other side a native backend.
The TeaClient for example uses the WebClient UI, but everything related to connection or audio processing has been written in C++ to ensure the best possible performance :)
In the future there will be may even a NodeJS client SDK :)


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Thank you for your feedback!
Follows the information as requested details.

1) The microphone does not seem to work well while connected to the Tea*Speak or even skype .. One test I have done is to leave the programs open but not using the microphone .. That is, the program is simply open and not it is coenctado in any server or conversation, and simply TeaSpeak client for windows have behaved strangely .. In some cases, simply closing and not accepting to work while other softwares voips are simply open.

2) The problem is occurring from any anti-virus system, before when the domain was configured with SSL only to enter the site of teaspeak.de we received an automatic message informing that the same site using SSL was not secure and that we should get out of it as soon as possible.

Today apparently without the use of HTTPs, everything has been working well.

3.) The loading of teaspeak web have been facing difficulties to open in browsers like Google Chrome that have been discouraging the use of JAVA as programming .. According to the image that I attached, the fact that I opened teaspeak in Chrome it did not open the java so that the language of the software was properly read ..

I tried in other browsers and did not have the same problem, the same issue is in Chrome and since it is in the list of most used browsers in the world, we would have to watch out for it.


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yeah, thats why i do not even try to convince my people to migrate to teaspeak client.
I'm sure they'll not like it at the moment.
When it is finally stable, i'll take a look again and see if it is finally possible
to try to convince them to use teaspeak client instead of Tea*Speak.