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Information Snapshot help


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After the new teaspeak 1.2.24-beta-4 update I was able to create a snapshot with the following command

serversnapshotcreate version=0

And I've also been able to import this configuration to a Tea*Speak server normally, but it looks like the Server Admin Query job is reset on that Tea*Speak server that received the snapshot of a teaspeak server.
I try to access the server with YaTQA, but I get errors in all the permissions that a Server Admin Query could do before, follows a print below.

Detail that only happens on the server that has been retrieved with a snapshot of a teaspeak, other servers from other ports, the ServerAdmin Query job is functioning normally.

In this attached print, I tried to check the list of permissions that a Server Admin Query has on the server, but to no avail. This was done on the port where a snapshot created in teaspeak with the "serversnapshotcreate version=0" parameter was restored to a Tea*Speak server.



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Hmm It seems like the snapshot overrides the admin query permissions on the target server.
Could you lookup the admin server query permissions on the target server?
Does the admin server query may have different groups?


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Hello, I create snapshot with version 0 but still not working
error id=768 msg=invalid\schannelID
TeaSpeak -> Tea*Speak


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Hmm okey,
thats confusing, but I dont really know why.
I know that in basic stuff it works, but I've never really done advanced stuff (actiually its not officially supported, but I wanted to leave everybody their own decision if they want to use TeaSpeak and the ability to switch between them.)


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The system for creating snapshot manually to transfer to Tea*Speak is for advanced knowledge .. I know for you it is somewhat easy to play, but could try to take the time to create a gif or video for us, making it easier to understand the command and the migration of data between software.

It is my suggestion to simplify the understanding of teaspeak, this is undoubtedly an attraction between programs.


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looking around google for an complete list about the commands and find nothing...


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After deploying snapshot on teaspeak chanells ID`s remain the same, unlike tea*speak. Are those id`s are always same or there are exceptions?

Is there a way to do the same with groups ID`s, preserve them?


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as i tried legacy not working but version=0 is working fine.

EDİT: version TeaSpeak 1.4.14 [Build: 1590398557] on Linux

EDİT 2: also version=0 should not add "begin_virtualserver" to the snapshot
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