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Server Some permissions ideads


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I have some ideas about the permissions.

1 on option to could block the subscribe power to some groups.
Example: I would like that the Guest have no view access to the channels.

2 I would like that everybody make an NoPoke group so that the poeples would be able to add them self to it.
I want only ServerAdmin to add/remove it from them to.
I don't want leader or councils to could remove the group from the players.
ofc I don't want the peoples to could add them self to other groups like guild group but Leaders & councils must have the permissions to add them to guild groups

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TeaSpeak Team
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1) You mean then something like i_channel_subscribe_power := -1
Currently -1 means infinity and allows everything, but it could be smarter to use it as "the user could do nothing"

2) Its already possible, just increase the i_server_group_needed_member_remove_power


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ya exacly some thing like that
0 would be subscribe for all if any other group would have an other permission
-1 would be subscribe from nobady.
or by implementing i_client_max_channel_subscriptions this it could salve the trubble to or,... (an other idea of system)

About the second point I will test it because I didn't thing about making it like that