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Pending Spam Protection on multiple users connecting


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Hello. I've been experiencing a annoying behaviour on the TeaSpeak server where I cant find a way to bypass it.

This is what happens:
When a lot of people (15-150) decides to join my server, almost all of them will not connect and then will receive the message on the picture:

I know that this has to do with preventing spam and such, but it should be configurable. I cant see a way to disable this protection or even increase the amount of connections to trace as a spam. I've tryied tweaking the Anti-Flood values for the server, but it isn't making any difference.

This is specially annoying when I restart the server instance and then I need to wait up to 10minutes to properly connect (while gradually other people can connect).

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Even with

It gives me this:

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TeaSpeak Team
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There is a setting within the config.yml.
The main purpose is to prevent your server to being flooded :)


TeaSpeak Team
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Well deepens on the server.
But in general the default values aren't that bad (10 Joins/second).
Its already planned to implement something like a "join queue" so the server does not overload on mass client connect, but its a quite hard piece of word so its not yet done :)