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TS3Video compatible with Teaspeak


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A free and easy to use video conferencing plugin for Tea*Speak 3.

vvcap 2018-11-11-09-09-58.png

(its not my face in front of camara i found this via google)

  • Real time video chat​
  • Easy to install​
  • Low bandwidth usage (especially for gamers)​
  • Integrates into Tea*Speak as plugin​
  • Keeps using Tea*Speak for voice chat​
  • No self hosted server required
    • Use public available servers (“Join via public server”)
    • Resolution restricted to 720p
  • Host your own server (optional)
    • Custom resolution (up to 1080p)
    • Links with Tea*Speak-Server Query-Console for user authorization (self hosted only, optional)

more infos looks here: https://mfreiholz.de/ts3video/