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I report a bug with connection lost.
After the update & restart of the server from to 3 of 60 players were dropping connection all the time.
Message they were getting "Failed to connect to server."
Message on the server "connecting" 2 sec after "Connection lost"
I don't have more info
Way I fixed it => downgrade to (before I restart the server they already didn't get disconnect anymore)


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Yes, some of my clients had similar problems after the update.
Personally, I don't lose my connection to the server, but I see a lot of messages in the log.
I also have a trace log, but I'm at work now and I can only provide it in the evening.


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> before I restart the server they already didn't get disconnect anymore
Well that's not possible. The new executable only loads after a server restart ;)

But I'll have a closer look.

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BTW Disable allow_session_reinitialize within the config and it should work like expected.

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Update: This should improve in 1.4.18 ;)

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1.4.18 is out ;)
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